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Our services

Our modular services can be combined to cater to a number of eventualities. Your wind energy projects are overseen by specialists in each area.

Whether technical or commercial reporting, agreements with authorities and contractual partners, continuous monitoring by our control room, or on-site support from our technical service team, your projects are in good hands with us. And that’s not all – we offer services for all typical turbine types, use drones to check exterior surfaces, calculate curtailment compensation, report interruptions to the direct marketer, take care of bookkeeping and more.

You can find out more in our brochure entitled Wind Farm Management 4.0.

Commercial operations management

Based on their many years of experience in the areas of financial accounting, controlling and reporting, our specialists handle all the commercial aspects of your wind farms or substations.

Technical operations management

We take measures to guarantee the technically sound condition of your wind turbines and thus their highest possible availability. Detailed technical analyses and documentation – plus fault and insurance management – are as integral to our services as time and deadline management.

Technical service

Our service teams, trained in all of the wind turbines we operate, record the current condition of your wind turbines and the associated infrastructure during standardised inspections. Damage and hazards are discovered early, allowing the necessary measures to be taken without delay.

Control room

Thanks to our manufacturer-independent software and hardware, your wind turbines are constantly monitored to ensure smooth operation. Immediate fault and maintenance management minimises downtime and maximises turbine availability.

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